Friday, March 3, 2017

5 Writing Rules Everyone Should Know

Wherever you fall on the Writing-Skillz Spectrum, it never hurts to review the basics. Below are some good rules of thumb to keep in mind as you put pen to paper. (Of course, in writing, as with just about anything, there are exceptions to every rule. But you gotta know the rules in order to break ‘em, right?)


This infographic is courtesy of Jennifer Frost of GrammarCheck. Visit them online at or check out the free online grammar checker at for proofreading help. 

baihley-grandisonBaihley Grandison is the associate editor of Writer’s Digest and a freelance writer. Follow her on Twitter @baihleyg, where she mostly tweets about writing (Team Oxford Comma!), food (HUMMUS FOR PRESIDENT, PEOPLE), and Random Conversations With Her Mother.

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